AAR and SBL Week 2014: A Warm Weather Location at Last

Well the time has come around again. AAR/SBL week has arrived. This year a welcome change has occurred. Since this will be my third national conference, I have yet to attend an annual meeting not held in a chilly climate: 2012 was in Chicago and 2013 was in Baltimore. But this year, sunny San Diego will be a nice location for the 30,000 or so people who attend the meeting.

Each year, I try to attend as many presentations as I can, many of which are way outside my area of expertise. I find that this helps me keep a finger on the pulse of the world of religious studies at large. Everyone praises the book exhibit hall, but it can be very overwhelming even though most attendees view this space as a “sanctuary” away from all the conversations. The AAR welcome reception is often a good place to go and meet people and get some free food (don’t expect it to suffice as dinner though).

I wanted to post a very brief blog as an invitation. I will be in San Diego from Friday evening through Monday night of the conference. If any of my readers wish to meet with me, I would love to meet you. If you have ideas, topics, criticisms, praises, tips, etc. for my blog I would welcome them (you can also always include those in the comments of any blog post). I would also love to hear about your blog, research, church experience, etc. Therefore, if you would like to meet up, feel free to leave a comment with your email address, or you can email me @ misterdan01@yahoo.com. Hope to see you all in San Diego!

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