I am a PhD Candidate at Fuller Theological Seminary studying Church History, particularly John Chrysostom and other Church Fathers. This blog is a compilation of topics that I am currently researching as well as the many books that I read on various topics throughout Church History.

My time as a historian only began in 2007. I was a biology major in college and thought long and hard about heading off to physical therapy school after graduating.

I took a job at a biological research facility (preclinical biotech research studies) in a very small town in Ashland, Ohio. It just so happened that not only did this town have a theological seminary nearby, but a coworker was a student at this seminary. He showed me some of his homework one day and I instantly became enthralled with what he was studying.

Greek, Hermeneutics, and Church History were the classes he was in and the assignments and lecture materials fascinated me. I had grown up a Christian and had attended many Bible studies, but this was a way of studying Christianity that was completely foreign to me.

Long story short, I applied to Ashland Theological Seminary in 2006 and deferred acceptance for a year while I planned my wedding and attempted to figure out just what I was getting myself into. I quickly fell in love with the study of history, particularly the Patristic Period and the theological debates/ controversies. I graduated in 2011 and moved to California to begin my PhD program. I have passed my comprehensive exams and am currently working on my dissertation on John Chrysostom.

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